Be Aware About New Gmail Updates

Mostly users are less comfortable with the changes done by unveiling the new updates. Customers feel that it may be intricate to use their account or new things have been done which will modify their account. However, the adjustments done by the Gmail in the mail services is really happening. User will really like these variations as they are done for the stress-free usage. If there is any other requirement or does not understand the way to do, then simply go for Gmail Customer Care which will assist in doing this.

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Some of the users might be aware of these latest changes nonetheless some may not have been conscious about it. The conversion done for the user is that they can access the email id, their own Gmail account directly over on the Smartphone. With the advancement in the technology and the mobile phone, consumers are much more aware about the gadgets they are using daily. As in the same manner, user can access their account on the mobile phone.

The feature by which the password will be sent on the phone will be Gmail Account Key. So, the connected Phone Number in Gmail will get OTP i.e one time password to confirm the Gmail account. By this way, user just doesn’t have the need to remember the password. When it is entered, while signing into the email account, user will not be asked about the log in password but the message will appear after entering the email id is to either accept or decline the request of log in or not.

As the user will accept it, they will be directed towards the account or by denying, they will not be able to sign in. Most of the consumers can put either the hand wave or any other gesture to easily remember it because, the alphabet or numeric password is easy to attain over on the internet. Or even your phone is lost; no one can directly log in your account.

Another new Gmail update is the third party account. User might deem that what it is? So, Gmail is having this new trait by which customers can link their Hotmail, Outlook, AOL mail account to their Gmail account directly. Being linked with your one account, they can operate the others as well. Users can even access the contact list, calendar or any other detail linked to their account.

Along with that, new features of preventing the phishing mails are also introduced. Even the new gestures and much more is there for users to share with their account people. These updated features are really helpful to customers as they can access their Gmail directly over on the Smartphone and moreover they can have their other accounts linked to one.

Any other obstruction comes in or user finds it difficult to perform any action, we are there to guide, assist plus to bring out from that. Our talented and qualified staff is doing all the beneficial things for users who are being connected with us. Now what else is left, just link your phone number and get all the details on the phone?

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