Bringing Cortana integration to your Gmail accounts

In prevailing competitive market against Apple’s Siri and Google assistant, Microsoft has finally brought the flexible service to connect Cortana with Gmail on a windows 10 machine. The new integration feeds up every Gmail activity and hence lets you use the Cortana assistant to access information directly from your Gmail account and view your new emails as well as the contacts and calendar records stored on a Google account. This means that users can feed their e-mails, contacts, and their Google calendar data to their digital assistant. At its initial moment, the function isn’t available for Android and iOS platforms.

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You can start getting this new experience on your Windows 10 by adding Gmail as a connected service on Cortana. Firstly, you need to make sure that you’re running the updated windows 10 installed on your system, and Cortana feature is enabled for voice and typing services. To start up with this useful service, quickly go to connected services option from the Cortana notebook section in the Cortana window and then choose Gmail after clicking the add a service option. You will now jump to a sign-in pop-up where you need to mention your Gmail account credentials. Once signed in, Cortana will prompt you with the list of permissions that you need to grant to enable the best service integration. The point was to enhance user experience and give mindful reactions to particular needs. Gmail users can immediately ask for help at Gmail tech support service for detailed information.

Microsoft has also provided a disconnect option that will allow you to disable Gmail access through Cortana. However, it is worth noting here that the digital assistant will continue to manage all the user data from your Gmail account until you revoke its permissions from Google’s my account site. Alongside for windows 10 pcs, the latest digital support brings Gmail access to Harman Kardon invoke that was rolled out in October with Cortana support which allowed easy voice access to your personal information from your Google account right through the invoke speaker as well.

Besides, the Gmail coordination sits close by other linked services on Cortana, including LinkedIn, Outlook and Knowmail. Users can well utilize Cortana to access information from pre-installed Microsoft’s native services such as dynamic CRM, office 365, outlook, and Skype. The latest Microsoft development story announced its strategic partnership with Amazon to make Cortana and Alexa work together. That initiative was mainly aimed to wave out Siri and Google assistant that both are getting bigger and powerful on mobile devices.

With this Google integration, Cortana can now pre-update your event information on your calendar and add events to your calendar including people in your Gmail contact list. Cortana feature also shares schedules across office 365, outlook, and Gmail calendars. Google calendar help has been begun on the Cortana application and the invoke, while email services reported will be instantly made accessible in coming days. Once the email is available, Cortana will be able to access emails back to you, catch you up on the latest inbox activity and allow you to compose and send emails just on your voice commands. As predicted, Cortana will also be able to prioritize emails from your important Gmail contacts.

Beginners might get tangled regarding the exact commands for managing Gmail, Google drive, or Google contacts — but Cortana supposedly supports these services now as well. It would be much better if Cortana actually guided users about some commands that you can use with a service, as it would effectively remove the need for us to guess and try random commands for a new service. Also ensure that if you have a Google account and want to manage your calendar events using Cortana, connect your Gmail account to the personal assistant right away.

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