Choose Your IMAP E-mail Client Settings For Gmail (8OO) 674-2913.

We recommend the email settings below if you use IMAP to read your Google email messages in another email client, like Outlook or Hotmail, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird. Call (800) 674-2913 for change Gmail password

Gmail forgot Password


  1. Click to Open Outlook.
  2. Click File > Options > email > Save email messages.
  3. Uncheck “Save copies of emails in the Sent Items folder.”

IPhone settings

  1. Open your iPhone’s Gmail Settings app.
  2. Tap EMail > Gmail Accounts > Add email Account > Google.

Note: When you reject a draft on your iPhone, it gets permanently deleted in Google email.


Step 1: Open your Gmail IMAP settings

  1. Open Thunderbird email account.
  2. Click at Tools tab > email Account Settings.
  3. Highlight your Google email address.

Step 2: Update the Email settings on each tab

Server settings tab

  • Check “Check for new email messages at startup.”
  • Check “Check for new emails every 10 minutes.”
  • Next to “When I delete an emails,” select Just mark it as deleted.
  • Uncheck “Clean up (‘Expunge’) Gmail Inbox on Exit.”
  • Uncheck “Empty Gmail Trash on Exit.”

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