Do You know About Gmail’s API Push Notification.

Good news for developers whose apps have to keep in step with changes in a Google email mailbox: Google is rolling out support for email push notifications for the Gmail application programming interface (API).

Gmail API push notification

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Eric DeFriez of the Google email Extensibility group said this takes a load off app developers who have to poll the Google mail API’s history feed for updates.

“Just subscribe to a Gmail emailbox and whenever a change occurs in the app, the Gmail API will instantly provide notification to you, your server using webhooks or another Cloud Pub/Sub API notification technique. No polling mandatory,” he said.

He explained the feature was announced at Google’s recent I/O.

Another report on The Next Web said Google launched at its I/O developer conference last year the official Gmail API.

It said the support for push notification is a “small but important” additional feature.

“The inclusion of push notification support means third party app developers no longer have to poll Gmail for new emails, which helps eliminate time and extra network costs,” it said.

It added that while app developers can still use IMAP, the official Google email API “will support all the features that come with Google email, such as Gmail drafts, responses and native search, to name a few.”

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