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All the day we get so many emails, messages in our inbox which either are useful to us but mostly are annoying. Looking over them sometimes disturb us that what to do with such emails. Are you also handling such difficulty? What are you doing to eradicate them? Do you have any shortcut to do that?

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Generally with these emails in the inbox, we get lost in searching our important as well as personal mails. Sometimes, there are so many junk mails, which let us delete them and with that, we delete our essential ones as well. But, there is no need to panic as Gmail customer service expert is there around you for 24*7 which will guide you in everything.

So, there is no need to rush from this, as follow these simple, plus easy shortcut points to clean your inbox:

  1. In order to delete the mails, here are just three simple steps to follow:

  2. Moving to the swipe action in the settings of your mobile phone, just choose the option whether in right or left. Then, by clicking on the email, just swipe it to left and the message will be deleted.

  3. Another way to delete bulk of the messages is just to hold the message or press it longer to remove them. In the same way, you can put them in one folder.

  • By tapping on it, you will get an option on the top of the corner by which you can select as many as you need or even can select all to delete.

  1. Similarly, if your inbox is too much loaded and all the mails are important than you can archive them. By putting them in the archive folder, your mails will stay in the Gmail so that the user can have a look whenever required. It will be safe in another folder.

  2. Then coming to another shortcut, there is one option to mark as spam by which your mail will be there in the spam folder. Once you click on the right side of an email, it will show an option to mark as spam. By clicking over it, the mail will go there directly. Also, the unwanted mails directly go there only.

  1. Along with all the given shortcuts, there are even some to be done with keyboard. To delete any of the emails, user can click on the delete key which will directly remove it from the Gmail inbox.

Gmail offers these ways to keep the inbox clean as well as not to be loaded much. Automatic settings can even be done or some folders can be created to directly filter the emails in the apt box. Such shortcuts are really helpful to all the users using it either on the phone or on a PC.

Even if the user is not able to make any setting and not capable to follow any of the above shortcuts, just dial our number so that we can reach to the level of the difficulty.

Leave your tension and focus on the work!

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