Gmail Account Issues And Expert Help

Are you using your Gmail account for a long time? Was it working smoothly until time? Facing some common issues while using your Gmail account? Aren’t you aware that what kind of problem are you facing in? You might be thinking of account hacked if you are not able to log in or any connection problem if your mail is not sent? Such things come into the mind of every user when unknown and unwanted difficulty pops up.

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As it hinders our work as well as we get annoyed by it. May be it can be an account problem, password, security problem, spam messages, slow Gmail, a page is not getting loaded and much more. So, just to conquer over such Gmail Account Issues, here are some of the ways which are detailed in a way to assist the users.

  • Not able to access the account: Do you face any issue while accessing your Gmail account? Check whether if you are following under any of them. If yes, then just follow the given reasons and you will attain a solution:

  1. User has forgotten the password
  2. Forgot the username
  • User cannot set the password from mobile
  1. Cannot sign in your account
  2. User’s account is unresponsive and slow
  3. Emails are missing
  • Not able to send messages.
  • Gmail is not loading or slow: Don’t get stuck if your Gmail is slow or not working properly. There can be multiple reasons of this under slow Gmail which are:

  1. It can be the reason that your browser is not working properly.
  2. User might be using an unauthentic browser which is not supporting it.
  • Take the help of Google Chrome.

Other than this if your Gmail is unresponsive, and then it might be the reason that your connection is really slow. For that, it can even be an endless loop which just goes on and never stops. All these are connected to network error. Just check the settings or reconnect the network to begin again.

  • Trouble in sending the messages through Gmail: Are you trying to send your message but it is stuck somewhere? Is it not getting delivered? Look for the below given issues, may be any of them can match to yours:

  1. Firstly if a user has sent a message and it is delayed then the reason can be that it is sent through either mobile, using web interface or from an email on a computer.

  2. If the reason is mobile, then might be there is some network problem due to which it is not sent.

  • If the reason is that message is delayed, then choose whether you have sent on “” address or to another address. Then if it is on address, then whether the mail was bounced or not. If the mail was not bounced, then are you sending this mail first time to that user or sent earlier as well? Then go to the down arrow of the mail and check the delay option. If there is no delay, it has been sent.

  1. If the mail is bounced, then the Gmail address is either not found or has been removed.
  • Emails are missing: Is that your emails are missing from your Gmail inbox? Were those emails important? Are you looking for emails as the new mail sign is displayed on the inbox however email is not there?

  1. If your emails are missing then it might be due to an automatic filter or accidentally they have gone to spam or trash by deleting them.

  2. Another reason can even be that somebody has logged in to your account and they have deleted your emails.

  • Although if so many emails are missing from your account, then some unauthorized or somebody has hacked your account. It can even be the security cause. So for that, just change your email id password and recover all the emails you had earlier.

These are some of the befalling issues which normally occur with Gmail account. There is nothing to panic as we have the solution with them for you. Once you choose among them, your difficulty will be solved. Gmail professionals are there to guide you as well.

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