Google announced “Smart Reply”- A new automatic system

With the new innovations in the Gmail, it has taken a great place in the user’s life. Now, this time users come to know about the latest features introduced in the Gmail which is really surprising as well as interesting. All these upcoming things keep Gmail out from the box. Nowadays, through the mobile apps, Google is trying to augment the levels of security plus the way of using the app.

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Bringing up the new modifications, Google is keeping the users alive all the time in addition to that keeps their curiosity awake. Similarly, with the new mobile app of Inbox, Google has given a new change to customers. The new automatic reply system is known as “Smart Reply”. It is an interesting feature which will save time and even will automatically reply to the mail.

Customers might think that how will it reply by itself? How the app will come to know the way to reply? Basically in this app, when a user will receive an email in the inbox, the Smart Reply option will read up the content of it. After going through from that, the system will suggest these three standard replies such as “No thanks”, “I’ll send it to you” and “I’ll think about it”.

So, with the save of time, the reply will also be there to be done. Saved time would be considerable. Also, this feature is offered only in one language i.e English which is suitable in iOS as well as Android. In coming time, this trait can even be seen in other devices as well. Not only this, while receiving the emails, keep in mind that user should not open any of the unsecured one.

The message of that email will be read by the app however, user must be alert of keeping their inbox away from it. The app will surely warn the customer that it is unauthenticated email plus has come from non-encrypted source. Opening it will bring virus in it and can harm other mails. Even it can fetch more of the infected files in your inbox and can be destructive to it.

In that case, user should protect their email box from unwanted emails. This will unwontedly invite many of the warnings in the coming time. Yet, if any of the help is requisite, just come to Gmail customer service as they will listen to you.

A massive team of Gmail working for creating apps is there. Not only this, a team for helping our users getting out from the difficulty is there. Once you are comfortable with the app, let us know. Or even if you are not satisfied, we will welcome all your complaints.

Customer satisfaction is our greater aim. We always welcome the problems and make our best to sort them out. You can connect with us 24*7 whenever you want to. So, just try to use this app feature and if you are not able to use or any difficulty is being noticed by you, just let us know to solve it as early as possible.

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