Google Inbox features unsubscribe option for mails you have been ignoring.

Most of the time, when you want to clean and manage your emails, the last thing you shouldn’t forget is ignoring those useless emails. Already messes keep on multiplying when they’re out of sight. Check your email every weekend and everyday if possible, and you’ll see exactly how inattention can make a problem complicated. But now, thanks to Inbox, ignoring spam messages and hence helping to keep your inbox clean. Now your Inbox now asks if you’d like to unsubscribe from a sender’s mailing list if in a case you ignore their emails for a month.

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When Google initially introduced Inbox, the app’s smart features like sorting and organization it got differentiated from the other email clients. After this product launch, the app has been updated with many other features like the ability to remind users to follow-up on sent emails. A new feature in trend now automatically understands when you haven’t read mails from a particular sender and further allows you to totally unsubscribe from the email list.

Like most of the users, our Gmail accounts are full of website and service promotions we don’t remember signing up for, but luckily, Google now provides a solution to that. As per the reports, Google has rolled out a new feature in the market that makes it easy to unsubscribe from promotional emails you haven’t checked out in last months. The new feature, available for the web-based and mobile app, consists of a new “Inbox Tip” card that confirms your mails from a particular sender’s emails. This card also features options to unsubscribe or ignore the tip card.

This new feature is not available to all Gmail users yet like no reports say that it is available on the iOS app, though that doesn’t confirm anything regarding the feature’s availability on Apple’s OS. It’s unclear as to when Google plans to make it available to every user, but let’s imagine it will be coming fairly soon, as it doesn’t appear to be an overly complex addition to Gmail. Aside from the limited rollout, the other major drawback of this feature is that it only seems to work on emails that Google is able to flag as promotions, so you’ll still need to keep a watch on your inbox mails.

This is only the latest new feature to be added to Google’s mailing service. As per the recent updates, Google announced about its smart reply feature, which automatically generates email replies, and was being used in about 10 percent of all emails sent using the mobile app. Now, 10 percent of mobile responses on incoming mails are generated with this Smart Reply feature, so it’s time-saving feature for the users.

Smart replies and inbox monitoring aren’t the only ways that Google is working to save users day to daytime. The company also adds an update which allowed Gmail to automatically convert saves phone numbers and email addresses into hyperlinks, preventing users from the repetitive function of copy and paste. One can get detailed help regarding this AutoNotification feature at Gmail customer service number easily.

Although we haven’t seen this feature live on any of our personal devices, we are all set to implement on both the desktop site and Android app. We aren’t sure exactly when it was actually out into the market, but it appears to be new. In fact, the feature hasn’t reached everyone yet, or that we’re just too good here when it comes to managing torrents of spam on our own. Presumably, this feature should only work for messages that Google is able to identify as the promotional type with an option to unsubscribe, so it might not work for every kind of promotional messages.

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