How do I Find Unread Emails ONLY In Primary Gmail Inbox?

If you want to see all unread emails in your Gmail inbox. Than you should enter these search terms:

Gmail customer service

Dial 1 888 306 5155 for Gmail customer service

in: inbox label: unread

I get a notification on the top bar that says 157 emails, but when I start scrolling through the emails, the top notation quickly changes from “emails 1-50 of 157” to “Message 51-100 of many” and goes on and on, far beyond 157.  Even though I have specified in Gmail in: inbox, I see emails from my Promotions and Forums section.  How can I truly limit the results to emails in my primary Gmail inbox?

I found online the recommendation to try the following, but it didn’t work any better, with or without the square braces.

label:unread [ in:inbox -category:{social advertising updates forums}

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