How Terrorists Are Linked With Gmail And Telegram?

As the world is getting higher up with technologies, likewise, the terror is taking its speed. They are exercising all the latest gadgets and technical product for their use but, it is going off beam. With the exploitation of various gizmos, they are harming and wounding the people. In the same manner if we perceive, the most important and widely used social networking sites have also been put into effect. The use of every site is leading to something disastrous for the users.

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Looking at the fact, the number of attacks took place till now in which somehow the utilization of social sites have been done. No figures of terror came out nevertheless multiple accounts came up which were used. By knowing all this, still nothing can be done as one can have various ids over on the social platform.

Talking about Gmail and telegram, through gmail terrorists can convey the messages which are hardly known to others. A Normal person can never come to know about it. This becomes even a source of spam, junk emails as well as illegal plus fraudulent ones. Thousands of accounts came into existence and hundreds of emails are sent in a single day just to leak the viruses and malware.

Together with that, the telegram was even the one through which terror messages and abusing things are interchanged. Every day new accounts are created with the distinct names leading to false work. Moreover, locating the password is much more complicated for the hackers.

These are some of the ways through which they can make the most use of gmail and telegram:

  • For a quick mail and rapid response the gmail is used which is sent within seconds.

  • No one can hack the passwords of the messages sent through the telegram.

  • Videos, messages are spread out in order to camouflage people with the criminal news.

  • Chat systems are evenly used which have more speed to communicate a message.

Terrorists are using these platforms besides that making it a point to disturb the customers through this. Supposedly if any unknown email or link comes with fascinating title, most of the people get allured towards it and open it instantly. Sometimes, this leads to ruinous results. There is a vital need to stop this otherwise not only the social sites but the users will be terrified to either use it or not. A proper control with certain security systems must be there for users to stay protected.

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