How To Add & Use Google Accounts On Your Device?

How To Add & Use Google Accounts On Your Device?

To begin downloading and purchasing things on the Google Play Store application, you need to add a Google Account on your mobile device. You can follow the steps below to add multiple accounts to your device.

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Add Multiple Google Accounts

  1.  Set up a Google account. If you don’t have.
  2. Tap to open your device’s Settings app.
  3. Click Accounts > Add account + >Google.
  4. Follow the given instructions to add your Google account.
  5. If needed, repeat steps to add multiple Google accounts.


To support prevent accidental or unauthorized app purchases, use account password protection on your device.

Use & manage your Google accounts

If you have multiple Google accounts, you can select which account you’re using. These instructions will help for the Google Play Store only, as well as Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Play Books, Play Newsstand, or Play Games.

  1. Click to open a Google Play app on your device.
  2. Click Menu icon.
    • If you don’t see the menu icon in the top left corner of the page, click back until you’re on the app home screen.

  3. Look for the name and email address of the Google account you’re using at the top of the screen of device.

  4. Click the Down arrow button.
  5. Click the Google account you want to use.

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