How To Check The Last Account Activity In Gmail?

You can see your Gmail account log-in history, including the dates and times that your email account was used. You can also check the IP addresses which were used to access your Gmail account.

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How to see your account activity

  1. Sign in Gmail account on your computer.
  2. In the bottom right corner, click “Details option”.


Tip: You can also visit the recent security events of the email page to see security important updates for your entire Gmail Account.

Information shown on the “Last-account-activity” page

The Last Gmail account activity web page shows your log-in records, and includes the information below.

Information of the concurrent session

In the “Concurrent session information” section, you’ll see if you’re log in to Gmail account on another device, web browser, or locality.

If you want to sign out of all sessions except the one you have opened in your computer, click “Sign out all other web sessions”.

Access type

In the “Access type” section, you’ll see the information related to browser, device, or email server (like POP or IMAP) that you accessed Google email from.

Location (check IP address details)

You can check the last 10 IP addresses and approximate locations that accessed your Google email account.

If you receive a warning about suspicious activity in your Gmail account, you might also see up to 3 additional IP addresses that have been categorized as suspicious.

There are a few reasons due to which you are able to see multiple IP addresses or locations in your email account activity page:

  • If you are using POP or IMAP to read your email on other email services, like Apple email or Microsoft Outlook email services, this location information will be included in it,

  • If you are seeing Mail Fetcher, a Google IP will show up because your emails are being fetched through a Google server.

  • If you use Google email on a mobile device or tablet, your Internet service or mobile carrier’s location may show up. This may be a location far from where you are. As long as the name of the carrier matches yours.

How to troubleshoot the problems

I think someone else has access to my Gmail account

If you are unable to recognize the activity on the web page, like a location or access type, someone might have access to your Gmail account because of phishing or malware.

  1. Immediately change your Gmail account password.

      2.You should follow the Gmail security tips to help protect your Gmail account

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