How To Choose your IMAP email client settings for Gmail?

Google recommend the settings below if you use IMAP to read your Google email messages in another email client, like Outlook Email, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird Mail.

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  1. Click to open Outlook.
  2. Click File >Options >Mail >Save messages.
  3. Uncheck “Save copies of emails in the Sent Items folder.”


  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app, application.
  2. Click Mail > Accounts> Add Account >Google.

Note: When you discard a draft on your device, it gets permanently deleted in Google email.


Step 1: Open your IMAP settings

  1. Open Thunderbird email.
  2. Tap Tools > “Email Account Settings”.
  3. Highlight your Google email address.

Step 2: Update the settings on each tab

Server settings tab

  • Check “Check for new email at startup.”
  • Check “Check for new messages every 10 minutes.”
  • Next to “When I delete an email, “Click to choose “Just mark it as deleted”.
  • Now uncheck “Clean up (‘Expunge’) email Inbox on Exit.”
  • And uncheck “Empty Trash on Exit.”

Copies & Folders tab

  • In the “When sending emails, automatically” tab, uncheck “Place a copy in.”
  • In the “Drafts and Templates settings” section for “Keep message drafts in,” select other > Your Gmail address > [Gmail] >Drafts.

Junk email Settings tab

  • Click to uncheck “Enable adaptive junk email controls for this email account.”

Apple Email

  1. Open Apple Email.
  2. Click Email > Preferences.
  3. Click the Gmail AccountsJunk Email, or Viewing menus.
  4. Update the email settings.

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