How To Control unauthenticated email from your domain

How To Control unauthenticated email from your domain

Troubleshoot email delivery issues with Postmaster Tools

Google email Postmaster Tools provides senders with metrics on parameters such as reputation, spam rate, feedback loop, etc. It can help you check compliance to the Google email bulk email sender guidelines, as well as identify issues that can cause trouble with the spam filter.

Gmail customer service

Dial 1 888 306 5155 for Gmail customer service

Emails not delivered to Google email?

If you sent an email to a Google email user and got an automatic bounce emails that says, “Unauthenticated email from [] is not accepted due to domain’s DMARC policy,” see the given options below for more information:

  • If you sent the email using Google email, learn how to fix bounced or rejected emails in Gmail.

  • If you sent the email using a different email app, check the setting in your email application that controls the server used to send email (the “outgoing” server). Change this email account setting so that you’re using the server that matches the email address you want to send from. If that doesn’t work or you required more help, contact the email service provider for your email address.

To help fight email spam and abuse, Gmail uses email authentication procedure to verify if an emails was actually sent from the email address it appears to be sent from. As part of the DMARC initiative, Google allows web domain owners to help define how we handle unauthenticated emails that falsely claim to be from your web domain.

What you can do?

Domain owners can publish a policy telling Google email and other participating email service providers how to handle emails that are sent from your domain but aren’t authenticated. By defining a policy, you can help combat phishing to protect email users and your reputation.

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