How To Delegate Contacts To An Assistant

How To Delegate Contacts To An Assistant

If you are using Gmail through your work, school, collage, or any other group, you can let an assistant in your company manage your business or personal contacts. The assistant can then easily access your all contacts to add names, and can update phone numbers, and maintain your addresses. You can give access to your contacts without granting access to your email or any other information in your Gmail account.

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Important: You can only delegate contacts to people within your company.

How to get started

To let your assistant use your contacts, you’ll both need to:

  • Be signed in to an email account with your work, college, or other group.
  • Be on a pc, not a mobile phone or tablet.
  • You should use the old Contact Manager. Delegation won’t work in Contacts preview option.

Also, your company needs to turn on contact sharing option. If you’re an administrator, see Turn the worldwide Directory on or off for instructions.

How to Delegate your Google contacts

If you need an assistant to manage your contacts, you can share your contacts with the assistant.

  1. Log in to Google email using your work or college account.
  2. Click to open the older version of your Contacts list.
  3. Click at the more drop-down menu icon. Then choose “Manage delegation settings”.

The delegation option is only available in work, college, or group email accounts when your company turns on contacts sharing.

  1. In the “Invite people” box, type the profile name or email address of the person you want to manage your Google contacts.

You can enter up to 25 names, separated by using a comma.

  1. Now Click Send or Done button.

Your assistant will now be able to access all your contacts in your My Contacts group.

Manage your supervisor’s contacts

If someone else in your company gives you access to their Google contacts, you can easily manage their contacts list from your own Google account.

  1. Log in to Google email using your work or college account.
  2. Open the older version of Google Contacts.
  3. At the left corner, in the “Delegated Google Contacts” group, click the person who delegated their personal contacts to you.


While the person’s name is chooses, Google contacts you want to add or edit appear in their Google contacts list. You also see their Gmail contacts in searches and when typing in address fields (but not in Google email or other searches or auto-complete forms). When you click another Google contact group, their Google contacts no longer appear.

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