How to Delete Your Gmail Service (800) 674-2913?

How to Delete Your Gmail Service (800) 674-2913?

If you want delete your Google email address and don’t need emails anymore, you can delete Gmail from your Google Account. Deleting Gmail service won’t delete your entire Google Account.

delete Gmail service

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What happens when you delete your Google email service

  • Your messages and mail settings will be deleted.
    • You can never again use your Gmail deliver to send or get email. On the off chance that you alter your opinion, you might have the capacity to recover your Gmail address.
    • Your Gmail address can’t be utilized by any other person later on.
    • Your Google Account won’t be erased, just your Gmail services will be expelled. Regardless you’ll have your movement and buys you made on Google Play.

Delete Gmail

  1. Go to Delete a Google account service. You might need to log in to your Google Account again.
    • Learn how to download your data before deleting your Google email service.
  2. Next to Google email, select Delete account.
  3. Follow the given instructions on your computer’s screen.

Note: If you use the Google email Offline app, you will also need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.


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