How To Manage Your Google (8OO) 674-2913 Account PIN On Android Phone

If you already have a four digit Gmail Account PIN, you enter it the first time you sign in to the Google Admin applications. If you don’t already have a PIN, you’re provoked to create one at that time.

You can manage your Gmail Account PIN in the Admin applications by doing any of the following activities:

Know your Google Account PIN!

Gmail customer service

Using a PIN helps secure your Gmail account and ensures that any changes are only made by authorized administrators from your institutions or organizations.

The PIN works on all device. If other people use your device while you’re logged in, they can’t use the Google Admin applications or access any of your administrative information’s unless they know the PIN.

The PIN applies to all other Google services, such as verification of Google Play purchases.

The Google Account PIN is not:

  • The Google password you use to log in to your managed Google account.

  • The PIN or Google Account password you use to unlock your android or iOS device. To make it easy to recall, you might want to use the same PIN for your device and your Account.

How to Create or change your Google Account PIN

  1. Visit Google Admin applications (Gera icon). Click to set up now

  2. If necessary, switch to your Google administrator account: Click Menu button > Down Arrow to choose another account.

  3. Click Menu > Settings.

  4. Now click to Choose an option:

    • To create a new Google Account PIN, Click Set PIN.

    • To update your Account PIN, click Change PIN.

If create or change your PIN here, it applies to all Google services that use the PIN. Contact us 1(505) 384-8224  for Gmail customer service

Choose whether or not to require PIN entry

  1. Visit Google Admin App. Set up now

  2. If necessary, switch to your Google administrator account: Click Menu (button) > Down Arrow to choose another account.

  3. Tap Menu (button) > Settings.

  4. Click Ask for PIN to turn it on or off.

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