How To Recover A Hijacked Or Stolen Gmail Account?

How To Recover A Hijacked Or Stolen Gmail Account?

If there’s unusual activity on your Gmail account, you’ve gotten a massage from Google about suspicious action, or you can no longer get into your Gmail account, it might have been cooperated.

Gmail account recovery

Signs your account has been compromised

Your Gmail account may have been compromised if you’ve experienced any of the following problems:

  • You’ve received a notification email about an unusual sign-in or device that you don’t recognize.
  • You received a notification that your Gmail account user – name or account password was changed.
  • You stopped getting e – mails.
  • You notice a red bar at the top of your email account that says “We’ve detected suspicious activity in your Google account.”
  • On your Wallet account, you see payment instruments such as financial or bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards that you do not recognize on your Gmail account or you see transfers of money either sent or received to your Bank account (you can check this on your
  • Your friends or family member complain that they received spam from your email account.
  • Email that you didn’t send appear in Sent Mail.
  • Your “Last email account activity” shows login activity at unusual times or from unusual PC’s and devices.
  • Your Gmail settings have changed by itself, but you didn’t change them. Gmail Settings include: vacation responder, signature, forwarding, filters, language, and others.
  • You have purchases on your Google Play account that you didn’t make.
  • You have videos on your YouTube channel that you didn’t upload yourself.

If you think your Gmail account has been hijacked, you should check your recent account activity.

What you should do to recover a hijacked Gmail account?

If you can still log in to your account

Secure your Gmail account

If you think your Gmail account was compromised, change your Gmail account password immediately.

Next, complete the Security Checks to make sure that the attacker can’t regain access to your email account later. You’ll review your Gmail account recovery information, recent security-related activity on your Gmail account, and the devices, apps, and websites that are connected to your email account. Remove any devices or apps that you don’t recognize easily.

Log- in to your email account again

After securing your Gmail account, you’ll need to log in again on each device and web browser that had full access to your Gmail Account.

Note: Some applications, websites, and devices (like TVs or gaming consoles) have only partial access to the information in your Gmail Account. They should keep working normally unless you removed them from the apps connected to your Gmail account.

Remove a possible virus

If you still see signs that your Gmail account is compromised, your PC might have been infected by a virus and the attacker might be using your computer remotely.

We recommend that you install anti-virus software or wipe your pc clean and reinstall your operating system again.

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