How to Search for Contacts in Gmail for help?

How to Search for Contacts in Gmail for help?

To search for a contact follow the below steps:

  • Click Gmail at the upper left corner of your Gmail page, then pick Contacts.

  • Enter the name, email address, or some other contact points of interest of the individual you’re scanning for in the contacts inquiry box.

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Remember these tips when scanning for contacts

  • You can utilize prefixes.
  • You can look by a man’s first and/or last name.
  • You’ll see coordinating results as you write.
  • You can scan for contacts by phone number, or notes you’ve entered about them.

  • You can look by space or username. For instance, looking for “” will give back all contacts with a Gmail address.


You can see the greater part of the insights about your contacts by printing them. Here’s the way:


  • Click Gmail at the upper left corner of your Gmail page, then pick Contacts.

  • Click the More drop-down menu and select Print….
  • Select the points of interest you’d like to show.
  • Click Print. Another program window or tab will open with the points of interest you’ve picked.

  • Perform an inquiry in your program (‘Ctrl + F’ on a PC or ‘Charge + F’ on a Mac) for the contact data you’re searching for.

If you face problems in searching contacts then you can take help from Gmail customer service number.

Restore contacts

You can restore your contact rundown to the state it was in anytime inside of the previous 30 days. This is useful if you need to do any of the accompanying:

  • Recover erased contacts
  • Restore contacts after an unsuccessful sync
  • Fix a late import
  • Fix a late consolidation

Restore your contacts to a past rendition

  • Open Gmail.
  • Click Gmail in the upper left, then pick Contacts.
  • Click more over your contacts list.
  • Click Restore contacts.
  • Pick the time you’d like to return your contacts rundown to (e.g. 10 minutes prior, one hour back, one week back, and so on).

  • Click Restore. You’ll see a warning at the highest point of the screen when the reclamation is finished

Fix a restoration

  • Directly after you restore your contacts, you can instantly undo by clicking Undo in the yellow warning bar at the highest point of the screen.

  • On the off chance that the notice bar is no more there, you can simply restore your contacts to the time just before you began the introductory restore process.

The 24 hour standard for Chat contacts

When you erase a contact in Contacts, it will likewise get erased from your Chat list. After the contact is erased, Chat still recalls the welcome status for that contact for an additional 24 hours. So in the event that you restore an erased contact inside of 24 hours, it will be completely restored in Chat. In any case, if you restore an erased contact following 24 hours, you’ll have to re-welcome that individual to your Chat list.

Over contacts quantity

Since issues can happen when you have a great degree substantial number of contacts in your Google Account, we’ve executed some quota limitations:

  • The greatest number of contacts which you can have is 25,000.
  • The aggregate stockpiling farthest point for every one of your contacts is 20 MB. Contact photographs don’t check towards this limit.

  • Every contact passage can be up to 128 KB.
  • Every contact passage can have up to 500 fields.
  • Every field can have up to 1,024 characters (aside from the “Notes” field).

I hope this article is surely answering all your questions on how to contact Gmail. If somewhere, I fail to answer the queries then you can contact Gmail help number. The Gmail help number is 24*7 available and is toll free.

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