How To See Google Contacts On Your Mobile Device?

How To See Google Contacts On Your Mobile Device?
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  1. Open your iPhone or iPad’s Google contacts Settings app.
  2. Click Contacts > Accounts > Add “Account” Google.
  3. Enter your email address and password. If you are using 2-Step verification, use an app password.
  4. Click Next button.
  5. Now Switch “Contacts” on.
  6. At the top of Google account, click Save.

To start contact syncing, open your “iPhone” or “iPad’s” Contacts app.

If you are using a work or school Google Account

To make sure you can view details like job “titles” or work addresses from a company directory, learn how to synchronize contacts on your work or school device.

Contacts aren’t syncing

Make sure your Account is connected to your “iPhone” or “iPad” using SSL, the suggested secure connection.

  1. Click to open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings app.
  2. Click Contacts tab> “Accounts”.
  3. Click your Google account.
  4. Switch to the “Contacts” on.
  5. Click “Account”Advanced.
  6. Switch “Use SSL” on.
  7. Tap Account > Done.
  8. Try adding your Google account again.

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