How To Share Your Postmasters Tools Data?

How To Share Your Postmasters Tools Data?

If you have a verified domain on Google Postmaster Tools, you can share access to your post master data.

As a web domain owner, you can easily add or remove anyone who isn’t also an owner from your web domain. If you have requirement to remove someone from your domain who is a vendor, however, you’ll have to expel their domain verification record in the DNS.

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if a proprietor erases or loses access to a domain, everybody they included will likewise lose get to.

How to Add Google Accounts

1.    On your pc, log in to Google Postmaster Tools.
2.    Point your cursor to one of your verified web domains.
3.    To the right side of the domain, click the Menu .
4.    Click at Manage Users.
5.    Click Add+ button, Right of the bottom.
6.    In the pop-up box, enter the email address of the Google or email account you want to access your domain’s Postmaster Tools data.

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