How to stop spam in Gmail

As usage of email is growing with time, many other annoying things are growing up with it. Some unknown people messaging or sending the emails which are of no use and keep on disturbing. Yes! We are talking about the spam mails and messages. Often it happens that while we are open our email id in the Gmail, else than the useful and professional mails, we find useless mails in either our inbox, spam or in the trash. Though the Gmail automatically filters those mails into the spam or trash folder, however still some of them stick in the inbox.

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Similarly, if you have a glimpse over it, there are a number of companies sending these mails just to promote their business, to entice through tempting things or just to distract from the work. Such email messages go on infuriating us as the user has no connection with it. So, to keep yourself away from this, there are different ways to stop these spamming emails in Gmail.

Doing the same, there are distinct methods to do over on the phone as well as on the computer. In order to stop on the PC, here is the technique:

  1. If user is spamming an email, select the email and on the right in drop down menu, click on the spam option.
  2. Another way is if consumer is receiving a mail from the known person, then simply by moving to the address, right click over it and from the Spam, just report for the hacked account.
  • Also, you can report for phishing account through Spam and then clicking on the Report a Phishing Account to the mails who are asking about your personal or any of the financial detail.

These steps are there to be done directly from the email but if you wanted to do it from the Settings of the Gmail, then the user can go through these following steps:

  1. Take your mouse on the Settings button.
  2. Click over on the Banned Addresses.
  • Now, add the email address of the particular user whom you want to put in the spam
  1. By entering it, just click on the block option and it will be blocked permanently.
  2. Even if the user wants to unlock the person, they have to follow the same steps and after that click on the remove option.

Not only this, one can even put the person in spam from the mobile be it an Android phone or an iOS. Just read out these following steps:

  1. Just open your Gmail address on the mobile phone.
  2. Click on the Spam email.
  • Now go to the right option on the email and there will be option either to put all the emails in the spam or one email in spam of the particular address.
  1. Now by selecting one of them, you will put that user in Spam.

Gmail has made everything easier for the users as to use the services hindrance free. If still there is any problem faced by the consumer, just get in touch with us and let us be familiar with it

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