How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail (8OO) 674-2913?

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail (8OO) 674-2913?

You can save your time navigating in Gmail by using keyboard shortcuts. Call (800) 674-2913  for change Gmail password

Gmail keywords shortcuts

How to turn on keyboard shortcuts

Some Gmail keyboard shortcuts only work if you’ve enable them.

Note: Gmail keyboard shortcuts aren’t supported on all keyboards.

  1. Sign in Gmail on your pc.
  2. In the top right corner, click Gmail Settings.
  3. Click Settings tab.
  4. Now scroll down to the “Gmail Keyboard shortcuts” section.
  5. Click to select Keyboard shortcuts on.
  6. At the bottom end of the page, click Save Changes button.

Gmail keyword shortcuts you can use.

You can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to navigate your Google email inbox and email messages, format text, and complete actions like archiving the Google email and deleting.

If you need to see a complete list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts, including which need to be turned on, type? When you have Gmail open.

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