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Rather than toggling between your Gmail inbox and other apps, you can use add-ons to complete your work right from Gmail. With Google email Add-ons, your Gmail inbox can contextually surface your go-to application based on emails you receive to help you get things done sooner. And because add-ons work the same across web and mobile version (android), you only need to install them once to access the add-on on all of your devices. Click the settings icon on the top right corner of your Gmail inbox and then “Get add-ons” to get started.

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Google made Gmail Add-ons available in “developer preview” earlier this year, and since then, Google partners have built integration to help industries connect with their customers, track plans, facilitate invoicing and many more. Here’s you can check the list of Google partners that have built Gmail “Add-ons” you can install today: for any issue or Gmail customer service Call us @ 1(505) 384-8224

Asana: Turn communication with users, users and teammates into tasks that can be tracked with your team in Asana, all from your Gmail inbox.

Dialpad: Message or call associates on your device, any time you want. You can automatically check recent communications or save a new contact straight from Google email.

DocuSign (coming soon): Sign and execute contracts, agreements and other Important documents directly in Gmail using the DocuSign add-on.

Hire: You can add candidates, manage candidate data and upload resumes without leaving Gmail account. You can access full job applications with the help of Hire add-on.

Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing: Intuit QuickBooks invoicing add-on helps professionals to create and send professional invoices directly in Gmail. Let customers pay you online and track invoice status and payments details online, no matter where you are.

ProsperWorks: Easily access prospect or customer information, and log details from phone calls, demos and meetings. You can also scan related openings, tasks and events.

RingCentral: You can check the online/offline status of RingCentral contacts, review current call history, and make outbound phone calls (requires RingCentral for Mobile) and check and send messages.

Smartsheet: You can add email content and desired attachments directly with the help of Smartsheet without leaving Your Gmail account.

Streak: Add email threads to deals, view enriched contact info and quickly reply with snippets directly from Google email with the help of “Streak add-on”.

Trello: You can turn email into actionable tasks in “Trello” to give your team mates a shared perspective on the work that needs to be done quickly.

Wrike: You can use “Wrike add-on” to create wrike tasks from emails, view and update task information, and send and receive Wrike task comments.

If you’re belongs to developer community, you can also easily create some “add-ons” for your application or for your organization use—write your add-on code once and it will run natively in Google email on web and Android right away.

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