Is Google trying to replace Gmail?

Users using the Gmail service from so many years are comfortable and find it a very reliable as well as comfortable platform. Not only as an email service; however, it has offered many other features as well which is really helpful to everyone. From other webmail services, customers use this due to its great facilities.

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Users might discover it difficult that Gmail is going to be replaced. It is big news for the customers who are connected to it from years. They might find it secure to transfer, to talk on hangouts. Nevertheless, this replacement of Gmail will bring lots of changes. The stand-in of Gmail is going to be “Inbox”. It will flash over on the screen as users can have a glimpse of this modification.

Google is putting the full interest in bringing up this change. They are making transformation through the app. Users will find it appealing as new features will be unveiled. As they will enter the url of Gmail, they will be directed towards Inbox. When the customer will enter, a pop-up message will be there that you might be here to use the inbox instead. Then even a message saying “thanks for using the inbox” will be displayed for user to make them sure about the changes.

The url is not going to be changed as the customers can be confused due to this modification. While entering the website link, they will land on the page of inbox only. It will display your emails directly which are there in it. Basically, it is going to become a default way of using the inbox. One can even have the changed look through the settings. The settings can be amended keeping it the same Gmail.

Even to say, Google is giving something new to their users and almost millions of users are linked with it. People may be keen to know about it.

The usage of inbox will remain similar although, the list of maintaining the emails, order of date cannot be conversed as the Gmail has been there since decade. Gmail was sharing a big part in the lives of customers and sudden change can sound absurd to them.

Users can even notice most of the change in the app of it. But, there is nothing to deem of it much as Gmail help phone number is flashing there for users. Whenever you are stuck somewhere in the app and are not able to shift back to the Gmail, you can connect with us.

For reference guide and all the information, we are there to assist you. Our team of experts is handling with such things and they know what and where the things will go. So, nothing to worry with the replacement of Gmail as it will not cause any hindrance in the usage or else. You should be contented with it.

Is there anything to think about? Replacements are good at times. Try to have a look as you can even go back to your earlier way. Open your email and have a glance

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