Maintain Privacy – Check Gmail Settings

Maintain Privacy – Check Gmail Settings

Numbers of users these days use various email sources however, among them the best considered is Gmail. It is fastest, reliable and convenient source of sending and receiving the emails. Gmail can be used either by website of Google or one can directly download the Gmail in the smartphone or through email client. As Gmail is a source to reach anyone easily and safely similarly, there are some security and privacy issues which we require to take care.

  • Need a login password for account if forgotten: Generally in some situations we forget the password or we lose it somewhere. In that situation, in spite of getting panic, simply follow the procedure. Initially, if users desire to reset the password, a link from Google will be sent on the email address which is entered as alternative email. Make sure the other email must be working. Not only email, however, user can even add the phone number for message.

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As in some cases, user may forget the alternative email, and then the phone number will be the simplest way for recovery. Once user receives the link, click on the link and follow the further procedure of getting password again. If anything is not clear to you, call on Gmail customer service number for better assistance.

  • Unusual activity on account: Checking account for hampering or sneaking is hardly checked by the users. There is no much time to see all such things and simple log in into our account. But do you know this can be difficult as may be someone is snooping in your account? Generally, many times the users remain it unnoticed to check the suspicious activity. In such case, they may lose the privacy of account.

What can be done is that from where the IP addresses can be accessed, over there click on “details” and check the locations of those addresses. In all those, if any search login or address is apprehensive, then immediately change the password. Importantly, the web address with https:// is safe whereas http:// is not considered to be safe. Even after if assistance is required to sort query, Gmail help is available all the time.

  • Make your email safe: In urgency and work cases, at times we forget to keep check on the email. Sometimes our email gets shared or forwarded to others. That point of time requires some changes in your settings. Firstly, in the Gmail check the “Mail Settings” where you can change the grant of forwarding access to others of your account. Later, be sure it is not being sent to others.

These are some issues which require to be kept in mind as someone can bring difficulty for your personal and professional matters. Not only this, even more reasons are also seen when unnecessarily and unknowingly we forget our email and someone gets the access of our account. There is nothing to get disturbed, Gmail customer service number is always around to facilitate. The team is talented and handles all the queries and offer Gmail help. Our services are accessible 24*7 for the users and they can contact us through any mode of communication.

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