Now Gmail will notify you for emails from unencrypted sources

While a large mass of internet users are using Gmail as their primary email service, it is vital to keep track of the authenticated and safe exchange of data between the web server and the clients. The vulnerabilities of the unauthenticated connections between the web server and clients need to be eliminated by identifying the dealing efficiently with the mails from the web service providers who do not support the TLS encryption methods to send or receive emails.

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Gmail now notifies the emails that are coming from the unencrypted sources. The web mail service providers not supporting the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption is now flagged by Google thereby ensuring the secured connections before there is any exchange of data between the servers and the clients. You can also contact Gmail customer service for seeking help in identifying the web mail providers that do not support Transport Layer Security encryption for sending or receiving the mails.

You can also call Gmail Help phone number that is available 24X7 for helping you on various Gmail issue.

When intend writing an email to a receiver who uses a web mail service non-supporting the Transport Layer Security encryption, such receivers can be easily identified as they are flagged by Google after analyzing the security certificates of all the mail receivers’ accounts and email providers. You can identify such email easily as it is flagged with a red broken lock icon at the top right corner of the email. When you click this icon, a dialog box opens asking you to use some other email service provider if the message contains some confidential information and is intended for some recipients using email provider that does not support email encryption.

Additionally, when you receive an email from any sender whose identity is un-verified, you can effortlessly find out such unauthenticated mail providers. In such cases, a question mark is displayed in place of the sender’s photo if the email is from some unauthenticated source.As soon as a mail arrives a Gmail account, Google analyzes the security certificate of the sender’s mail service provider and flags the mail sent by a provider not supporting the TLS encryption for the mails thereby notifying the unauthenticated web mail service provider and unauthenticated emails. You must not open such emails and contact Gmail customer service so as to find a way to resolve the issue.

Mails from such unauthenticated mail providers may harm your data to a great extent. Hence, it is recommended to avoid such mails from opening and also suggest your senders and receivers to opt for a web mail provider that supports TSL encryption for mails for safe and secure data exchange to and from.

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