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How To Organize Your Gmail Inbox Using Labels?

Add a label to a email you received Sign in Gmail. Click to open an email message. At the top of the page, click Label (icon). Now click the box next to each label you want to add the email, or type a new label. Tip: To add a label to multiple emails, Click to select those emails in your Gmail inbox, then click Label (icon). Adding a […]

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How to check the number of messages in your Gmail inbox

In Google email, replies to emails are grouped into conversations. In your Gmail inbox, you’ll see the number of conversations you have, but not messages. Follow these steps to see how many emails are in your Gmail inbox: Sign in Gmail on PC. You can’t find your total number of emails from the Gmail app. In the top right of the Gmail webpage, click Settings […]

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How To Resolve Error In The Gmail App On Android.

If you’re getting an error while using the Google email app on your Android mobile phone or tablet, you can resolve the issues by using the given. Step 1: How to Update the app You could be using an old version of the Google email app. Many errors happen on older versions of the app, but are fixed in the latest version. UPDATE THE GMAIL APP […]

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How To Resolve Gmail Loading Issues?

If email is slow or isn’t loading properly, use the steps below to fix the issue. Step 1: Check that you’re using a browser that works with Google email Learn about Google email’s supported web browsers. Step 2: Check your web browser extensions or applications Sometimes extensions or add-ons you’ve installed on your web browser or applications you’ve installed on your pc can prevent Google […]

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How To Install Google Drive On your Mac Or Windows Computer.

Automatically sync Google Drive files on your pc with your Google Drive data files on the web using “Google Drive for your Mac/windows computer.” You can do things like: Drag your files in and out of folders You can Edit, save, and remove files Any changes you make on your PC in your Google Drive folder will sync automatically to your “My Drive” on the […]

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How To Change Your Gmail Profile Picture?

You can easily choose a photo to set as your Google email profile picture. This photo shows up when someone sees your email name in their Gmail inbox or chat list. How you can Change your profile picture Log in Gmail account. In the top right corner of the email page, click Settings (gear icon) > Settings. In the “My Picture” section, click Change picture. […]

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