Procedure To Block Unwanted Email Sender: New & Easy way to block a person in Gmail

Can you see so many emails in your inbox? Do you come across some of them really troublesome, distracting, and alarming? Users then just mark it either unread or disappear the person from list. Still people use the other address to send the emails and infuriate you. In that case, what else users can do to hide that person? Do you know what other option we have for you in Gmail now? Would you like to hear about it? Well, now we have an option of block a person. If you are not able to perform that action, just go for Gmail customer service number dot us and they will guide for the same.

Gmail customer service

Dial 1(505) 384-8224 for Gmail customer service

Generally we put the emails in spam folder or just delete them to avoid. Moreover, while doing the work it is so distracting that it hinders our work. In order to get to the bottom of such, Gmail got this new option. What a user has to do to block an email sender:

  • Open your Google email id and open the mail of the user.

  • When you click on it, on the right side of the mail click on the “more” option.

  • Here among them, there will be many options amid which the last will be to block the user.

  • By clicking on it, the user will be blocked from your Google email id.

  • The user will not able to see the emails or in the list of others.

Users can use this way to block an email sender otherwise along with it, there is an option of unsubscribe a person which will remove the user from your contact list. The deleted user will not be able to contact you through anyway as the mails sent by them will deliberately move to spam folder.

These are the ways to either block or unsubscribe a user who is getting on your nerves through anyway in Google email. If still the person is not blocked, then go for Gmail customer service number and they will direct you towards the way of impeding the person.

Users just don’t have to be bothered for Gmail help is always there whenever and wherever you are. Just contact us 1(505) 384-8224 either by dropping an email or just call us from anywhere on the given number. We are always there to help our users and to make them come out of the problems.

Not only in your computer, but this option is also available through the android mobile. If users are using the latest as well as updated device, then they can have the block email sender preference in their device. Rest the Gmail support team is always behind you to secure the users from annoying emails.

Google customer service number is having a technical team which is not only great in handling technical issues as well as are really professional moreover hardworking. They make every possible effort to check the issue and to clear it in short span of time. So, this is a great and affordable way for the users plus professionals to get rid of unwanted users from the contact list.

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