Save Your Gmail Account From Phishing Attacks

These days, Gmail users are mostly targeted by phishers and spammers in order to attain all the personal yet professional information. To steal all the credentials, they give their best and in order to do that they ask for multiple things from the consumers. They may even ask for Gmail password recovery which is not at all appropriate.

Gmail Pihishing Attack

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A user has to be very clear and alert to know about which email is really authenticated and which is spam. In order to check it, here are few things to discern about:

  • Make it sure from the name of sender and email that whether they are same or not.
  • Also view that the email is validated or not.
  • Even if the link of the URL is same as description of the link, then it is fine as else it can be a phishing email.

  • Check the headers and all the available information in the email to be assured of.

Even if at any place, the detail is demanded through Google or any of the company through email, then it is best to spam it or report it. Any authenticated company will not demand your personal information through email to send. Confirm it and directly report it to Gmail to spam it as well as to block the person.

At times it happens that phishers blackmail by saying that your photos or information is available to them to know about the user. It is better to report it quickly. These emails, spammers are rising in number and making it difficult for users to work through emails.

If any kind of problem is seen or does not look authenticated, Gmail tech support number is there for 24*7. We will make every possible effort to keep users away from phishing emails. Along with the increase of these phishers and spammers, we are enhancing the security features. User can protect the account through two-step verification or entering mobile phone which will safeguard the account.

We are always there for users through email, message or call. Our team is helpful yet staying alert all the time to aware the consumers about such mails. Google never demands for personal information by any means. Else then this even, any account related, password issue or any query is there to solve, we are accessible. Our talented team is there for users for every single minute. We prefer to keep the users happy and assure them of solving the issue as soon as possible. #Global_cyberattack

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