Send Bulk Mails Through Gmail With Group Mail

Send Bulk Mails Through Gmail With Group Mail

Are you in business of sending number of mails at a time? Do you want that in one click you send the mails to number of consumers? It may sound absurd to you but indeed, it can be done. There is nothing to think much about it as it is really possible. We will help you in doing that in proper manner.

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Now, user can simply use the software GroupMail newsletter software which will assist in sending bulk of emails at one instance. Not only this, in order to have more comfort with it, user can simply transfer the contacts to the GroupMail and can do that task simply. Here user can attain number of benefits such as merging the features of GroupMail and can send the personalized message.

No doubt user need to send number of emails, but there will be a limit which is set in order to have a proper functioning. The limit is:

  • While sending through web interface, 500 emails per day can be sent
  • If user is using the desktop email client, then 100 emails per day can be done
  • It will take 10mb per message

The mails which are to be sent will remain under the gmail guidelines and GroupMail will allow configuring it. As in the beginning, not to exceed the limit, 100 mails per day can be sent by the user. Once they will set this limit, they will not exceed to it.

User can take it as a great option to choose if they have smaller lists to forward the emails. GroupMail make a good combination with Gmail to send the mails whereas if the list is big, then simply user can choose any other alternative as this may not be suitable.

Sometimes it happens that user may have saved the password permanently and all of sudden logs out from the gmail. In that case, if user loses their password, Gmail password recovery is there in which we will give our best help to the consumers. We know how to handle such issues of gmail as we have a proper team ready with us for it. Users can simply call through Gmail tech support number and will clear out the queries.

Now we don’t think that user has to suffer in order to send multiple mails at a time. It will be done easily and in quick time. Moreover, it is a safe way to send the emails to number of individuals.

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