The Most Effective Method To Get A Gmail Phone Number

In the event that you need to keep away from a surge of calls from potential pranksters to your business’ phone, you can sign up for a Gmail number. When you have procured a number, you can give it out to users or business contacts. At the point when guests dial your number, the call is consequently sent to your phone and you have the choice to reject it or acknowledge it. Every rejected call are sent to your Gmail voicemail. For any further information you can either contact Gmail support or Gmail help phone number. Here are steps to help you in getting Gmail phone number.

Gmail customer service

Dial 1(505) 384-8224 for Gmail customer service

Step 1

Access the Google Voice site. Sign into the site with your Gmail email location and password.

Step 2

Click “I Want a New Number” to choose a new phone number to use with your Gmail account.

Step 3

Enter the area code, city or postal division in which you need your new Gmail phone number in the demonstrated field. Click “Search Numbers.”

Step 4

Audit the rundown of accessible numbers. Click the radio button next to the number you need, then click “Continue.”

Step 5

Enter a four-digit PIN to use to get to your Gmail phone message. Re-enter the PIN to affirm it.

Step 6

Check the box to show you consent to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Click “Continue.” Wait for your account to be made.

Step 7

Enter a 10-digit phone number to forward your Gmail calls. You must have access to the phone number now to setup your Google Voice account. Select the phone type starting from the drop menu and click “continue.”

Step 8

Click “Call Me Now” to have a Gmail call with the phone number you entered. Answer the phone when it rings and enter the two-digit number showed on your screen to finish setup.

If in case you face any sort of trouble in this process then you must contact Gmail help or use Gmail help line number to get the issue resolved. You can even contact Gmail support number to take the help.

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